Custom Bulgarian Training Bags - Set of 5

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Customise these Bulgarian Bags with your brand. Part of our custom gear range, we now do custom branding on our strength fitness gear so you can have the best of both worlds: Class 1 quality gear with your Branding.

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*Please note: Minimum quantities per size apply & pricing varies please email us at for more information.

Product Description:

Train your upper, lower body and grip strength with a Bulgarian Training Bag. In a set of 5 different weights: 5kg, 8kg, 12kg, 17kg and 22kg, this Bulgarian Bag package is perfect for a range of levels and exercises. Equipped with easy to recognise coloured straps, selecting the correct weight bag is easy.

Designed to be used in a swinging and spinning motion, you can use the exterior handles to build grip strength and work your upper body. Because the Bulgarian training bags are soft, they are safe to use as added weight with the straps to increase the difficulties of squats, push ups, bounding exercises and more.

Great for varying your sessions and challenging your coordination, strength and agility, these Bulgarian Training Bags will keep you moving.


  • 5kg / 11 Pounds Yellow Bulgarian Bag
  • 8kg / 17 Pounds Green Bulgarian Bag
  • 12kg / 26 Pounds Red Bulgarian Bag
  • 17kg / 37 Pounds Grey Bulgarian Bag
  • 22kg / 50 Pounds Brown Bulgarian Bag

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