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Here at MA1, when we list something is in stock we mean that it is in stock - In stock does not mean that it is in production or awaiting to be shipped from the supplier - In stock means it is in the warehouse and ready to be shipped out to you. So if you can add the product into your cart, it will be heading to you in 2-7 business days for local metro Melbourne (we have had some lucky occasions where it has been next day delivery!)  or dispatched with a courier within 2 business days for interstate orders

For pre-order products, they a listed very clearly, down to the button you click to purchase - the button will say Pre-Order Now instead of Add To Cart. We only list our pre-order items when and only when the products have been completed by our manufacturer and well and truly shipped on the way to our warehouse. Pre-orders are a great way to secure your products and get a great discount at the same time. 

If for any reason, there is an issue with your order, we are bound to recognise it within a few business days and we will get onto you straight away to sort it out. 

So purchase at ease, knowing that when you place your order with MA1, that it is just in our warehouse, not getting made, not in containers on the water or any other excuses you may have come across in these trying times. Shop confidently at MA1.

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