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Improve muscle size and strength at just 20% of your 1 repetition maximum (maximum load you can lift once). Strength training typically requires loads of at least 70% of your 1 repetition maximum, which can place extra strain on your joints, muscles, and tendons; leading to soreness or injury.

With blood-flow restriction training (Occlusion training) you can use lower loads than with strength training to increase your muscle size and strength, thereby avoiding potentially harmful heavier loads.

The MA1 Occlusion trainer was designed by a physiotherapist and researcher in the field of blood-flow restriction training.
The cuff was specifically designed for occlusion training for the lower limb musculature (hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles),
and is ideal for use in people recovering from acute or chronic knee pain, foot/ankle pain, lower limb muscle injuries/strains, post lower limb surgery, and for general strength and conditioning.

Nylon pneumatic cuff provides an even distribution of pressure throughout the thigh during occlusion training.
The width of the cuff has a large impact on how much pressure is required for vascular occlusion.
Thinner cuffs require higher pressure to cause occlusion, which can be uncomfortable, while wider cuffs may cover too much of the quadriceps/hamstring and impair ability to exercise.

The MA1 Occlusion trainer’s 10.5cm wide cuff is designed to maximise comfort while allowing normal muscle function.*
The handheld sphygmomanometer provides accurate pressure readings so you can be sure that the correct amount of pressure is being applied to the limb throughout the training.

Please consult a medical practitioner to determine your eligibility to use occlusion training and advice on how to use the occlusion trainer.

*Please note: we strongly recommend performing occlusion training with a pneumatic cuff and sphygmomanometer, rather than with wraps.
It is impossible to tell how much pressure is being applied with a wrap and this is potentially dangerous.


  • Ideal for people in rehab as well as general strength & conditioning
  • Nylon pneumatic cuff provides an even distribution of pressure throughout the occlusion training.
  • 10.5cm wide cuff to maximise comfort while allowing normal muscle function
  • Handheld Sphygmomanometer

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 Brand:  MA1
 Product:  Occlusion Trainer
 Colour:  Blue
 Cuff Size:  85cm x 10.5cm approx
 Cuff Material:




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1 Review

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    MA1 Occlusion Trainer

    Published by Greg Desnica on 16th Jul 2019

    A quality product that works well. The use of a pump lets you regulate the pressure applied rather than some other products. Would recommend if you're looking at doing BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training.

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