MA1 Powerlifter - Pro Rig, Bumpers, Steel Plates, Bench & Heaps More!

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Here at MA1, we have compiled all the equipment that you need to lift big weights and get strong. Specifically put together to cater to the needs of big lifters, with their eyes set on big numbers. 

The MA1 Powerlifter includes: 

-MA1 Deluxe Pro Rig (With J hooks, Spotting arms, Triangle pull-up bar)
-Elite Competition Barbell Choose from 20kg Black or Chrome, or 15kg Chrome
-Snap Lock Collars
-Elite Adjustable Bench
-6x20kg Colour Pro Bumpers
-6x25kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-2x10kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-2x5kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-2x2.5kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates
-2x1kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-2x0.75kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates
-2x0.5kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-2x0.25kg Olympic Pro Steel Plates 
-6x25mm 50x50cm Rubber Mats
-6x50mm 50x50cm Rubber Mats
-Bumper Toast Rack with Wheels
-Chalk Bowl

The MA1 Powerlifter is a purpose built powerlifting/strength building bundle designed to give the user all the tools required to pack on strength. 

The Deluxe Pro Rig comes with adjustable j hooks and spotting arms which (Coupled with the MA1 Elite Adjustable Bench) allows you to fully utilise the rig for a variety of pressing exercises as well as squatting. Also comes with overhead triangle pull-up bar. 

Throw in some 25mm and 50mm rubber mats to protect your gear whilst  deadlifting. You can also use the mats to perform a variety of different depth deadlifts, from block pulls to deficit deads. 

The MA1 Olympic Pro Steel Plates boasts the narrowest of profiles, which allows you to stack the bar with a heap of weight without taking up all the sleeve space. 

Fractional Steel Plates also help keep track of the PRs, and allow you to perform to your absolute limit!

Throw a toast rack and chalk bowl into the mix for good measure and you have everything that you need to train the big 3 lifts, as well as a multitude of other exercises to improve your overall strength and build.   

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 Brand:  MA1
 Product:  Powerlifter Package
 Pro Rig Dimension:  160cm x 122cm x 246cm approx



 MA1 Powerlifter Package


MA1 Powerlifter Package - Pro Steel Plates


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