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MA1 Premium Rubber Gym Mat - 1m x 1m x 15mm - White Speck

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This is our best quality rubber flooring yet.

With all the quality of our premium 10mm - the fine granule all the way through the tile, you also can take advantage of a 15mm thickness. The extra 5mm adds onto the shock absorption, sound proofing as well as durability.

One of the best quality rubber flooring on the market, this premium rubber flooring is non-toxic and covers a 1m x 1m area of space. Designed for high level of foot traffic, this tile is ideal for all commercial gyms and any high traffic weightlifting areas.

Set in a white speck due to popularity, our premium rubber tiles will add a professional touch to any gym setting.

Please email us for a quote:, we promise to beat any price on similar quality of flooring

*Please note: that the price is for 1 Rubber Mat. For laying flooring for 20SQM or greater, we recommend an offset brick pattern to account for any noticeable minor variations in the sizing of matting. For more information, view our rubber matting info sheet.

*Please note: Actual colour may vary, due to different device screen settings and lighting.

Not sure if this rubber flooring suits you, check out our blog: What type of rubber flooring is suitable for me? for more info!

Rubber FAQs


Q:  Do you need to glue it down?

A:  We would not recommend glueing these down.  The tiles expand and contract with impacts, so if you glue them down you’re inhibiting the rubber’s movement.  This means not only are you restricting the tile’s ability to absorb impact — which is the point of rubber flooring — you’re allowing the rubber to expand at different rates which will tear the tile apart over time.


Q:  How easy are they to cut?

A:  These rubber tiles are very easy to cut with the right technique.  All you need is a Stanley knife and a straight-edge or ruler.  Simply score a line in the rubber, then repeat until you’re through the tile.  You want long cuts instead of a ‘sawing’ motion.  It helps to prop something under the mat to open the cut up once you’re halfway through.  The knives can slightly deviate from the ruler the deeper the cut goes, so it’s advisable to start your cut on the top side.


Q: How do you clean them?

A:  The best way to clean these is with a damp mop and maybe a touch of light soap or disinfectant.  They can trap water so you probably don’t want to routinely saturate them.


Q: Do they have a beveled edge?

A: Yes, all our rubber mats come with a beveled edge.


Q: Are these commercial grade?

A:  These mats are in dozens of commercial gyms and sporting clubs across the country.  15mm rubber flooring is the industry-standard for weights areas, with 25mm and 50mm also available for heavy-duty weight zones.


Q: Can these be used outside?

A:  The rubber itself is incredibly durable.  However, if you leave them outside they may trap water, and trapped water can go stagnant.  If you don’t plan to bring them back into an enclosed space this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are then you may want to consider properly drying them out if they get saturated.


Q:  Do these have a fire rating?

A:  Our premium 15mm rubber matting has successfully passed the EN 71-2 fire safety rating.


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 Brand:  MA1
 Product:  Rubber Flooring
 Type:  Premium
 Thickness:  15mm
 Colour:  Black with White Fleck
 Size:  1m x 1m
 Weight:  13kg approx
 Package Content:  1 x Rubber Tile



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