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Cardio Equipment

As the MA1 range does not cover cardio equipment, we do stock and can offer you quality pieces of cardio fitness equipment from Magnum. Their commercial exercise bikes and rowing machines are engineered to give you the best cardio workout. Along with their commercial treadmills and elliptical trainers, Magnum offers the best cardio machines in the market.

Gym enthusiast and active sportsmen need to use the right workout equipment to get the full benefit of cardio training. Exercise bikes are great to burn more fat and calories. It increases your stamina and promotes a healthy heart. Compared to running, cycling is much safer as it does not stress the muscles in your legs, knees, and ankles. However, if you want to be faster and make your lower body stronger, check out Magnum treadmill. It improves your endurance and maximizes your lung capacity, which gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout. For older gym enthusiasts, we recommend Magnum rowing machine. It does not strain your back muscles and also gives you the same benefits you get from other cardio equipment. Also, take a look at Magnum elliptical machines. It is just as efficient as the treadmill or any other equipment for cardio. It develops your aerobic capacity and gives the total body workout you need.

No matter how old you are or whatever your fitness goal is, Magnum has the right cardio fitness gear for you. We offer Magnum commercial gym equipment to home gym, commercial gym, and pt studios. We do delivery anywhere in Australia. Please contact us at sales@ma1.com.au for more information.

Here, at MA1, we ensure our equipment provides the results you need to have a healthier life. Get started by browsing through our wide range of commercial fitness equipment. Select the best gym equipment you need and contact us today for orders.

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