Gym Rings

If you look at the incredible upper-body development of elite gymnasts, it's easy to see why gymnastic ring training is rising in popularity. Gymnastic rings are light and portable so you can take them with you and exercise anywhere you can find a suitable anchor point. Strong tree branches, pull-up bars, roof girders and climbing frames at a park are all viable fixing places for gymnastic rings. Some of the benefits of incorporating Gymnastics rings to your training are: - Improve Your Joint Stability - Build Better Balance - Workout Portability - Unlimited Scalability MA1 Gymnastic Rings are really versatile and can be used for relatively simple exercises. By bending or extending your legs, you can shorten or lengthen your levers and instantly adjust the difficulty of many exercises. Similarly, you can use a little or a lot of leg swing, properly called kipping, when performing exercises like pull-ups and muscle ups - less momentum makes for a more demanding workout. The MA1 Gymnastic Rings at 28mm thick are available in Wood or Resin.

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