Rubber Flooring

Looking for durable rubber gym flooring Melbourne? MA1 has a wide selection of strong and quality rubber matting to choose from. Our non-toxic rubber flooring is predominantly used in high traffic commercial gyms and is suitable for a variety of uses. Our rubber matting can be used in home gyms, commercial gyms, fitness facilities, playgrounds and many other applications. MA1 has one of the best quality rubber flooring tiles on the market.

Our 15mm rubber mats are heavy duty, designed for a high level of foot traffic and are resilient to any kind of conditions. Its shock absorbing surface provides cushioning for less wear and tear on your gym equipment. The 15mm rubber flooring come in plain black or blue, red or white spec to suit your gym design or branding.

For the serious weightlifters out there, check out our 50cm x 50cm tiles available in 25mm or 50mm thickness. Thick and durable, these tiles are the best shock absorbers that can be matched with 1m x 1m flooring to create a perfect weightlifting platform. Their non-slip surface has a higher level of slip resistance which is required by international standards.

For those with issues with ventilation, we recommend the 15mm premium rubber matting that comes in plain black, blue, red or with white flecks. Constructed out of fine granules all the way through the rubber tile, this allows a denser, more shock absorbent, sound proofing durable product.

We offer custom orders for these rubber tiles for those wanting to match their logos or gym branding. You can choose your own color, thickness, and dimension. If you have any questions, want to place an order, looking to buy in bulk or want a free custom quote, please email us: or give us a buzz at 03 9706 5292. Don't wait any longer, contact us today and give your gym the best rubber flooring it deserves.

Still unsure of which rubber flooring suits you? Check out our blog: What Type Of Rubber Flooring Is Suitable For Me? for more info!

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