Battling Ropes

Battling Rope exercises pack a grueling cardiovascular workout while kick starting your strength training in minimal time. Battling Ropes work the core muscles by both utilizing your hips, shoulders and abs and also works your core during explosive movement. It allows for continuous power output and can involve the entire body for a heart pounding cardio workout. The battle ropes are one of the best quality ropes available in the market. Constructed out of specifically designed monofilaments to prevent shredding, there will be no more bits and pieces of the rope messing up your gym. Finished with quality endcaps for a more comfortable grip, durability and to prevent fraying, if you are looking for a rope, our ropes will triumph over all others. Great for personal trainers, MMA gyms or general fitness gyms.

Available in 50ft x 1.5 inches (38mm) or 2 inches (50mm) in monofilament with or without cover.

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