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NEW ARRIVAL! MA1 Platinum Series Cross Rig Range

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MA1 Platinum Series Cross Rig Range

Hi guys,

We have just cracked open a new container full of our brand spanking new range of rig and rig accessories.

As the name suggests, the MA1 Platinum Series Cross Rig Range features sleek black uprights with platinum cross beams and accessories.

MA1 Platinum Series Uprights

Beginning with the rig parts itself, the uprights currently comes in 3 sizes 2.4m, 2.7m and a colossal 3.6m to allow you to pick and choose the right heights for your activities. They all feature a tube size of 75mm with a solid construction out of 3mm thick steel and are all held upright on a 1cm thick square base that is prepped ready for bolting to the ground.

Next part would be the cross beams. Take your pick of single, double or multi height cross beams, you can even get triangular cross beam.

MA1 Platinum Series Cross Beams
MA1 Platinum Series Attachments

Then comes the fun part - Accessories. Adding rig attachments is the best way to bring out the most potential of your cross rig. Our attachment includes sissy squat rack, ghd, grip balls, extreme core trainers, rebounder, storage racks, shelves and more! Currently only a few is listed, we are endeavoring to get them all listed as soon as possible so keep an eye out over the next few weeks for the complete range.

Remember to definitely get in contact with us via sales@ma1.com.au or give us a buzz at the office on 03 9706 5292 for a free quote so we can help you build and customise your order for the perfect rig that suits your needs and budget. If you are in the fitness industry, do remember to get in touch with us for a wholesale account to save on your next order - we also do package quotes for larger orders so get in contact with us and take advantage of our great prices!

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