Bulgarian Bags

The Bulgarian Bag is an unusual yet versatile training tool, sharing its roots from the world of Greco Roman Olympic Wrestling. This crescent shaped super strong training bag has all the hallmarks of an eastern bloc legend, allowing its user to focus on movement based strength and conditioning. Not only can basic movement patterns be trained, but increasingly complex rotational variations can be created, that continually challenge both grip, shoulder and torso strength and endurance.

MA1 Bulgarian Bags are equipped with easy to recognise coloured straps for weight indication and extra grip. Plain black leathery skin with tight stitching, our Bulgarian Bags are tough to beat. Great for varying your sessions and challenging your coordination, strength and agility, our Bulgarian Training Bags will keep you moving.

They are available in 5kg, 8kg, 12kg, 17kg & 22kg, get your hands on a set below!

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