Olympic Bars

Our Olympic barbells range from MA1 Club to MA1 Elite. Bars from our MA1 Club grade range are great for all standard olympic lifts and they come in 500lb and 700lb with a gloss chrome coating. Our MA1 Elite Olympic Cars on the other hand are ideal for all heavy weight lifting, cross training, WODs and more.

All of our MA1 Elite bars boasts a 2 year warranty that covers drops. In terms of function, the sleek black needle bearing bars are set with 10 needle bearings where the Black Ox and Nickleplated bars are equipped with a 10 bearing set; 6 bearings and 4 thrust bearings for a smooth rotation.

Our MA1 Elite series bars include two 15kg bar; a nickleplated and a needle bearing bar, which are lighter and thinner than the standard bar, making it easier to grip and work with for beginners. All Our other MA1 Elite bars are 20kg with a choice of oxidized or nickleplated finish. with our range. There is certainly a bar for everyone, check out below to get your hands on one!

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