Functional Training Zone

MA1 Functional Training Zone

What is a Functional Training Zone?

A Functional Training Zone is an area in which individuals train with functional movement in mind, including olympic lifts, body-weight exercises and full body movement exercises (Kettlebell training, slam ball/ wall ball work). Combining exercises of this nature is the perfect way to develop yourself and your clients into stronger athletes. By fitting out your gym facility with a MA1 Functional Training Zone, you will be providing both yourself and your clients with an all-in-one functional strength area designed to maximise personal results efficiently and effectively.

MA1 has designed the MA1 Functional Training Zone with the intention to add and maximise  value for members of commercial gym facilities. Alternatively, a functional training zone can be customized to fit your personal training studio, group functional training businesses, or even for the personal home gym.

Given the immense change in commercial gym trends from that of conventional equipment like cardio machines and standard weights areas, functional training zones are now necessary for the gyms of today in order to address the current, result driven focus that clients require.

MA1 Functional Training Zone Benefits

  • Efficient and safe area for functional training
  • Fully customisable to your designated area
  • Ideal for both One-on-One or Group Training purposes
  • Personalised Functional Training Zone Fit-Out Service
    • Free quote and professional advice provided during initial consultation
    • Package and wholesale discounts on order
    • Supply of all fitness equipment and gym flooring from our extensive range of products required for the gym fitout
    • Delivery Australia wide or pick up direct from our warehouse with no handling fee
  • Quick and easy finance available with FlexiCommercial

Why MA1?

MA1 stocks an extensive range of strength fitness equipment from big ticket items such as the Platinum Series Cross Rig with a range of accessories, to everyday items such as Olympic barbells & platforms, slam balls and bumpers. We also stock an extensive range of rubber flooring in 15mm, 25mm & 50mm thicknesses for as much absorption as your gym requires. The following fitness equipment list highlights the range of products we can provide, however please feel free to view our full product lines on our website at a time of your convenience. Our staff members are contactable on 03 9706 5292 if you have any questions in relation to our products.

MA1 Platinum Series Cross Rig & Attachments MA1 Giant Prowler Sled MA1 Foam Plyometric Box MA1 Battling Rope
MA1 Yoke Farmers Walks MA1 Strongman Log MA1 Slam Balls
MA1 Olympic Weightlifting Platform MA1 Olympic Bars MA1 Rubber Flooring Other Functional Strength Fitness Equipment

How can we assist your facility?

Commercial Gym

Commercial gym facilities and personal trainers are always seeking how to provide more effective results for their clients. To keep up with the fast paced fitness trends and needs of their clients, many of these gyms are turning to customized functional training equipment. That is where the MA1 Functional Training Zone steps in - an all in one, neat, functional strength working area to achieve efficient, safe and effective results.

Personal Training Studio

Fitting out a personal training studio is now more cost-effective than ever. Please feel free to make our representative aware of your budget restraints so we can best cater a package to you! Update your personal training studio with a MA1 Functional Training Zone and bring out the potential in your space - we aim to better your client results, and in doing so, better your business.

Home Gym

Don’t underestimate the potential of your space just because it is not a commercial space! Even small areas, as long as effectively used, can provide significant results. Forget about limiting your fitness equipment to just dumbbells and varied equipment, fit out your space with a MA1 Functional Training Zone for customized just for you. Your personal development need not stop at the gym- it can start at home too!

How to Apply for your MA1 Functional Training Zone?

Get started today and contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation to see how we can help you out.

You can either contact us via our contact us page or by the following contacts:

Telephone: 03 9706 5292
Online Chat: At the bottom right corner of the page

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