Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers | MA1 Athlete | Physique Model


 MA1 Athlete Adam Rogers Facebook Page/Adam Rogers      MA1 Athlete Adam Rogers Instagram @adamc_r


What is your favourite technique?

I use a wide range of training techniques across my training. If I had to pick the key features I would say I base most of my training around Time Under Tender along side full Range Of Motion. “Smart Training is Hard Training”


What do you love most about your sport?

You are your own competition not those on stage with you. You are always striving to better yourself from yesterday.'


What advice would you give to anyone new taking up the sport?

It really is as simple as if you Train Smart, Eat Smart, the Results will follow…


Who are your inspirations and role models?

I get my inspiration from family and friends, they inspire/motivate me to keep going. I stick to it because I love this lifestyle, but even more so to inspire and help other reach their fitness goals.


What got you into your sport?

I took part in a body transformation challenge 9 weeks into the challenge (2 weeks out from the 2013 IFBB Vic Champs) I saw a poster advertising the Vic champs and thought I would give it a go


What's your favourite food?

I really love cold roasted sweet potato chips sprinkled with a little cinnamon, cooked the day before and they go so sweet over night in the fridge. Or Sushi


What music are you into?

I listen to anything, my iPod is full of random mixes


What's your dream holiday destination?

Akaroa, New Zealand


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Happy, living on property with my wife and kids, working in a job that I love surrounded by like minded people


What irritates you the most?

People that have no respect.


What would you be doing if you weren't into your sport?

I grew up playing a range of sports so I would probably still be playing Volleyball, as that was my sport of choice in my late teen years.

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