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Craig Jones | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Absolute MMA | MA1 | Athlete

Craig Jones @jiujitsutravels

Craig began training Jiu Jitsu and MMA in Adelaide in the late 2000's after being exposed to the UFC. At first he had intentions of competing in MMA but after his first few BJJ tournaments he realised he enjoyed pure Jiu Jitsu much more and set his sights on that. Whilst still training in Adelaide Craig was able to achieve some State and National level Gold medals but to take his training to the next level he moved to Melbourne.

After starting to train with Lachlan Giles, who in Craig's opinion is one of Australia's best athletes and instructors, he has since been able to qualify for the ADCC Championships and has also became Australia's first male to win an IBJJF world championship. As of 2016 Craig is an instructor for the Absolute MMA team and an MA1 sponsored athlete.



Competition Victories:

ADCC Qualifier, NoGi World Champion, Australian Champion 

Favourite Technique: 

Triangle Choke 

What do you love most about your sport? 

The accessibility of the superstars, you can travel the world and train with anyone in the sport for a reasonable price. You could directly contact any of the athletes and generally get a response. How many people get to play basketball with Kobe Bryant or kick a football with Gary Ablett?  

What advice would you give to anyone new taking up the sport?  

Take it slow. A lot of people see experienced guys training everyday and jump right into it, if you’re body isn’t conditioned to that level of training you will likely get injured. Set backs like that can be really frustrating and lead to a lot of people dropping out of the sport. 

Who are your inspirations and role models? 

Guys like Lachlan Giles and Kit Dale. These guys dedicated themselves to a sport that at the time didn’t have much of a career path nor were the sponsors or events there to compete professionally. There weren’t even many Australians achieving strong, consistent, international, competition results but they kept chasing the dream and paved the way for a lot of younger guys like myself. 


What got you into your sport? 

An interest in Mixed Martial Arts 

What's your favourite food? 


What music are you into? 

Hip Hop 

What's your dream holiday destination? 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Teaching and still competing as regularly as my body allows. 

What irritates you the most? 

BJJ marketing. Taking advantage of white belts and selling them fast tracked learning or a dvd of secrets. I believe this distracts a lot of people from the truth, that the journey to being good at jiu jitsu is a long and gruelling process.  

What would you be doing if you weren't fighting? 

I was studying psychology at university before dedicating myself to jiu jitsu. So I think something within that field whether practicing or being involved in research.



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