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Ex Demo Sledge Hammer 18kg

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Ex demo 18kg Sledgehammer:

These are our ex demo versions of our Pro Grade kettlebells that have had a scratch or a bump in the warehouse so we are selling them at a clearance rate.

As they are clearance items, they do not come with a warranty, returns or exchange, but quite frankly they are a bargain, as your brand new kettlebells will probably look like this after they've been thrown around a bit!


Work up a sweat with this Sledgehammer. Perfect for matching tire flip exercises, sledgehammers are great for pushing yourself that little more to increase your grip strength and stamina. Sledgehammer training can improve your body capacity to work at intense levels for long periods of time, so you build up your core strength, stability and power alongside of your speed and agility levels.

A step up in resistance training, Sledgehammer exercises will push you even further for that perfect body. Ideal for those who want to move up from kettlebell training.

Specific Benefits:

  • Intense and Challenging
  • Grip Strength
  • Speed, Agility, Power
  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Power Lifting
  • Building Up Work Capacity and Stamina


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