Building a Custom MMA Cage with MA1 Australia

Building a Custom MMA Cage with MA1 Australia

Published by Jennifer Tse on 15th Jan 2019

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The great thing about MA1 is that we can customise products to suit you. A MMA Cage should definitely be one piece that is designed and built to your gym and branding.

Is there a minimum for a Custom MMA Cage?

One. Yes, you read correctly; you only need to order your own cage and be able to have it to the specs and design you want.

What specifications and sizes are available?

There are several specifications that you can choose with your  custom MMA cage. Firstly you would need to work out the space that you have to decide the size of your MMA cage. Then you can decide the elevation height of your MMA cage. You can select 1m or if you have a lower ceiling, decide on a 0.5m height or even a floor model.

How do I design a MMA Cage?

The first thing you see when you look down at the MMA cage is the floor mat. The floor mat is the largest blank canvas that you want to have according to your logo and branding. Most MMA cage designs has a large logo in the middle and you can pick your branding colours as base.

Next thing would be to have a think about what colours you would like the pole protectors and cage panel wraps and how you would like your logos to feature on them. You can put a small logo or url of your gym! If you have enough ceiling height for an elevated cage, you would also have skirt panels that surround the elevated platform which typically just has a logo in the center.

To give you a good idea of what can be customised, please see our example layout depicted on the right or check out our select range of customised mma cages as examples in our custom mma cage listing.

IBJJF BJJ Gi Patch Rules

"Custom MMA Cage layout to specify details of your design"
- MA1  Custom MMA Cage

What colours can I choose?


"Printing of logo/text can be as per your pantone. Above is the standard colours for the material of skirts, padding and so on - other colours can be especially ordered"
- MA1 Custom MMA Cage


For your logo, there should not be an issue of what colour you need it printed. As a standard, there is a range of colours to choose from for the material; the base colours for the skirts, cage panel wraps and pole protectors - see our colour guide on the left, In saying this, always do let us know if you have a pantone colour in mind and we can see if we can accomodate to your needs.

What is the process of ordering a custom MMA cage?

To begin with, you need to figure out what size of cage you are after. As the MMA cage measurement is of the perimeter, you would not need to worry about leaving space for the cage poles and so on. Simply find out the space you have, take note of the space you would like to leave around the cage and from that you should be able to work out the ideal size of MMA cage for your space!

If there was any specifications you were wanting - such as whether you would like it elevated, any design specifications including colour, logo placement, url placement and such, simply pop it on the brief, send through the logos (fonts for url) and we would have enough to work on the quote.

Initial Design Stage:

With your brief, we should be able to quote up a price for you. A deposit would be placed and we would start the initial design which would include a mock up of the cage along with a layout to make sure that all the panel designs are as you requested. As this is an initial design, there is plenty of space to back and forth with the designer to get the design finalised.

Formal Design Approval:

Once that is confirmed, the design is then sent off to the production team where they will draw up a proper 3D mock up and formal layout for you to confirm - these designs are a more accurate portrayal of the final MMA cage.

Production & Delivery Stage:

Once all approved by you, they will start the production. This can take up to  4-6 weeks after confirmation of the formal design. Initial build will then be done to make sure all the parts fit securely as it should and a photo would be sent to you as proof. Balance payment would then follow as the MMA cage is sent through it’s logistic channels to be delivered to our warehouse which then would be onforward to you depending on the delivery agreements we have made with you.

MA1 Custom MMA Cage for Perosh MMA

"Initial Design Stage is for back and forth communication to get the MMA cage design to your specs. Formal Design is a more accurate portrayal of the final MMA cage"
- MA1 Custom MMA Cage

Do you install the custom MMA cage?

We have done quite a few  custom MMA cages for our customers. Please review the images below or check out our listing here for a selection of our custom MMA cages.

MA1 Custom MMA Cage - Absolute MMAMA1 Custom MMA Cage - Extreme MMAMA1 Custom MMA Cage - Perosh MMA  

How do we start?

Ready to start preparing your  custom MMA cage? Simply send through the following information to to get started!

To keep this process quick and straightforward, please cover the following information:

  • Contact details
  • MMA Cage specifications - size, floor cage or elevation needs…
  • Colours and for which sections? Floor mat, cage padding, skirt…
  • (optional) design/logos/url/pantone files in vector format such as .ai, .eps files

Give us a buzz on  03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at for a quote or any more information on our custom MMA cage. Remember that if you own a MMA gym or work in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!


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