Choosing a BJJ Gi

Choosing a BJJ Gi

Published by Alistair Marx on 14th Dec 2018

Choosing a  BJJ gi is exciting. However ensuring your gi is the right size, whilst meeting competition requirements, can be daunting.  
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IBJJF Rules for BJJ Gi

Each competition has their own set of uniform rules which regulate the allowed dimensions of a  gi, as well as the colours and materials that BJJ gi may come in.  Most competitions have a ruleset based on the IBJJF uniform guidelines, so if you want to compete, making sure your BJJ gi meets these IBJJF guidelines is a good idea.  If you are looking for a BJJ gi purely for training then your options are far greater in terms of colour, material, and style, although individual academies may have their own gi rules.

The IBJJF currently permits 3 colours: white, black, and royal blue.  The gi top must match the pants. The  BJJ gi must be made of cotton or a ‘cotton-like’ material.  Patches are allowed within defined areas of the gi (see right). In some instances, painted gis are allowed if they are painted with the academy logo.  In all cases this can come down to the discretion of the scrutineer, so it is best to play it safe, and ensure your gi is well within the rules.

IBJJF BJJ Gi Patch Rules

"...if you want to compete, making sure your BJJ gi meets these IBJJF guidelines is a good idea."
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BJJ Gi Sizing


"Ensure your BJJ gi does not exceed the allowable dimensions"
MA1 Kimono

You must also ensure your  BJJ gi does not exceed the allowable dimensions (relative to your body).  This can be difficult because you need to choose a size that is both comfortable, allowing you free and easy movement, while adhering to the IBJJF regulations.  These regulations allow for a small range of measurements around different points on your body, i.e distance of the cuff from your wrist joint, etc. 

Some body types do not readily fit into traditional  gi sizes, so sometimes a ‘L’ for long, or ‘H’ for heavy (i.e. ‘A2H’ or ‘A2L’) designation may be exactly what you require. 

There are also ‘F’ sizes that are designed for ladies. The chart on the left is a complete breakdown of the sizing requirements for the IBJJF from their official website.

MA1 Kimono Range

MA1 has a wide range of  BJJ gis.  Our MA1 Premium Competition Kimonos are IBJJF approved, ensuring they meet all the standards for construction, colour (except for the navy and grey gis), and patches.  They are made of a high quality pearl-weave cotton, and come in a wide range of sizes that include ‘L’ ,‘H’ and ‘F’ categories to ensure you get the perfect fit.

We also offer a wide range of ‘Ultra-Light’ gis made of tough and lightweight ‘rip-stop’ material.  Rip-stop is hard wearing and lighter than the traditional pearl-weave, but it may not be permissible in all competitions.  The IBJJF definition ‘cotton-like’ material is vague, and as such some scrutineers may reject a rip-stop gi in a strict IBJJF competition.

Check out the links below for  MA1 BJJ Gi Size Charts:

MA1 Premium Competition Gi Size Chart - A sizes
MA1 Premium Competition Gi Size Chart - F sizes
MA1 Ultra Light Gi Size Chart - A sizes
MA1 Ultra Light Gi Size Chart - F sizes

MA1 Athlete Lachlan Giles - MA1 Ultra Light BJJ Gi

"MA1 Premium Competition Kimonos come in a wide range of sizes that include ‘L’ ,‘H’ and ‘F’ for perfect fit"
MA1 Kimono

Give us a buzz on 03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at to find out more info on any of our BJJ gis. Remember that if you own a BJJ gym or work in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!


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