Guide to Custom Tees & Apparel for Clubs with MA1

Guide to Custom Tees & Apparel for Clubs with MA1

Published by Jennifer Tse on 19th Jul 2017

Custom Apparel

Custom Tees & Apparel for Clubs

On celebrating the new arrivals of customised t-shirts for our MA1 Athletes Dan Kelly "#DadsArmy", Lukaz “The Lycan” Catubig and Chris Wase “The Warrior”, we have decided to blog about the process of getting one for all you out there. These tees are great for clubs, pt studios, gyms, pt trainers and more! They are also great as merchandise just like we have done for our athletes so their fans can support their upcoming fights. Alternatively, they are great for events, uniform and more!

What are you minimum quantities for custom tees & apparel?

To see if our services is suitable for you, the main questions is usually always minimum quantity required.

For custom t-shirts in the subliminal print, we typically have a minimum order quantity of 30 pieces with 10 pieces minimum per size. For the premium screen printed tees - the minimum quantity is 150.

For custom rash guards available in adult or kids size with subliminal print our minimum quantity is 30 pieces per design - the term per design also means per colour - so if you were looking at getting the rash guards in belt ranking - each colour - despite the same design - is still counted separately as one design.

But as all bulk pricing goes, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price is.

Print Method Options

What is Subliminal Printing?

Subliminal printing is only available in a set few material such as cotton feel tees, stay dry material, polyester. An example of subliminal print are our MA1 rash guards or Lukaz’s tee or Chris Wase’s Tee. The subliminal ink becomes part of the structure of the apparel so it is completely smooth and will not crack.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is when the inks are applied one screen at a time. Examples of this tee would be Dan Kelly’s tee or MA1 Classic Tee. As the inks are applied on top of the apparel, there is a feel to ink and does make the material feel thicker, however they wash well and are quite long lasting.

Difference between Screen Printing and Heat Transfer Pressing?

Vinyl heat transfer is quite different to screen printing in terms of longevity so they do peel over time. In saying that, they are done in-house here in our warehouse in Melbourne so the turnaround time is much quicker and great for smaller runs. Ideal for events, competitions or walk out shirts and apparel.

Material Samples

We can cater to your choice of material or you can select from our choice of blends.

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex: our typical premium cotton tee blend. Smooth thick blend with the comfortable stretch from the spandex.

Bamboo Material: great for the environment, light, smooth and breathable material - great as a workout shirt or for summer. Specific colours apply.

Stay Dry Material: Typically our singlet range but are great as an alternative choice for workout tee as they are light, smooth and no sweat patches! A great option for subliminal print.

Cotton Feel Tee: A thinner tee to provide another option for subliminal print on a cotton tee

How to request a quote for custom gear?

Simply contact us via our contact page, give us a buzz or email in order to start the quoting process.

To keep this process quick and straightforward, please cover the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Quantity and sizes
  • Design or design brief
  • (optional) design/logos files in vector format such as .ai, .eps files
  • (optional) Specifications if applicable: material blend (eg. cotton, stay fit, cotton & spandex blend),  printing method (eg. subliminal, screen print)
Give us a buzz on 03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at to find out more info on any of our customisation on apparel, fight gear or even strength fitness equipment to find out what is best for you. Remember that if you are in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!

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