Gym Equipment Storage Ideas

Gym Equipment Storage Ideas

Published by Jennifer Tse on 1st Dec 2018

Proper  gym equipment storage is a must have for a fully functional, motivational gym. You need to be able to move from one exercise to another easily and swiftly and save all your energy for pumping those guns. Also, if you have a home for all your pieces, the higher the chance that your gym equipment will be return to the rightful spot ready for your next session - no more trips and time wasted digging for that perfect sized weight plate!

Upright Gym Equipment Storage

The first thing to do is to get everything off the ground and to save on floor meterage, upright storage solutions are a great way to start. Storage racks such as  upright dumbbell racksupright barbell storage allows easy access as well as reduces the amount of floor space used. 

If you own a lot of weight plates, a few of the mobile plate rack - one for each size plate - might be the solution. Not only do they have wheels for easy maneuvering from station to station, they look coordinated and easy to spot the correct plate. 

If you only have a single set with a variety of weights, try a toast rack so you have easy access to the exact bumper you need - easy to load and unload too; simply roll on and roll off. Available with or without wheels, these bumper toast racks are a great weight plate storage idea!

MA1 Bumper Toast Rack on Wheels

"Gym Equipment Storage on wheels are great for keeping equipment at arms length when you need them most"
- MA1 Gym Equipment Storage Tips & Tricks

Wall Attached Gym Equipment Storage

MA1 Barbell Gun Rack

"Gym Equipment Wall Storage - not only impressive but also fully functional!"
- MA1 Gym Equipment Storage Tips & Tricks


Want even more floor space? Store everything clear off the floor and onto a sturdy wall. Not only does this make for an impressive wall feature, it is fully functional. 

Bolt in  barbell gun racksplate sleeves for weight plates, you can even get storage hooks for your battle ropes! You will be amazed at how much more floor space there is once everything is clear!

Multipurpose Gym Equipment Storage

This is an obvious tip but buy  gym equipment storage based on your current range of gym equipment and that are flexible. If you have a few pairs of dumbbells and kettlebells, don’t buy a rack just for dumbbells and another for kettlebells, there are plenty of multipurpose storage solutions out there such as our multi purpose storage rack that holds weight plates, shelves for kettlebells and dumbbells, they can even hold medicine balls and slam balls if you utilise the shelving creatively!

If your walls are not sturdy enough and your floor is taken up by that impressive cross rig, why not take advantage of the unused space between the uprights with our range of  platinum cross rig storage solutions? The platinum cross rig storage system range includes dumbbell, kettlebell, exercise (slam / medicine) ball storage!

Multi purpose storage rack

"Multi purpose storage solutions & creative thinking goes a long way"
- MA1 Motivationals

Modular Gym Equipment Storage that Grows with your needs!

Modular storage system racks are the holy grail of gym equipment storage ideas. Build to your exact needs and add or rearrange as your equipment needs grow! Start with a single cell and select your shelves to suit your equipment. Got heaps of med balls? Space the medicine ball shelves to the required height, you can even mix and match the gym equipment you place on the shelves - just a handy hint that we manage to put large and bulky items such as wall balls, bulgarian bags and bigger slam balls on the bumper racks. Get organised with what you have and leave freedom to expand the rack if your collection grows later down the track! Check out the customisable options here and get in touch via for assistance in putting your custom storage rack order together!

MA1 Storage System Rack

And there we have it, a couple of gym equipment storage ideas to get you working on getting the most out of your gym space. Give us a buzz on  03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at to find out more info on any of our gym equipment storage ideas and solutions. Remember that if you are in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!


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