Mix up your routine with a Bulgarian Bag or Wrestlers Bag

Mix up your routine with a Bulgarian Bag or Wrestlers Bag

Published by Jennifer Tse on 3rd Jul 2017

Shake up your routine with a bulgarian bag

Bulgarian Bags: Looking to mix things up your Fitness Routine

If you are looking to mix things up in your fitness routine or add a challenge to your workout sessions, a bulgarian bag is a great option to add, especially if you are a combat athlete.

Bulgarian Bags were originally invented by Bulgarian Olympian Ivan Ivanov in 2005 in an effort to help train explosive movements for his students training wrestling. Fast-forward a decade, and they have adapted into many training regimes and styles. Very commonly used by combat athletes in order to improve throwing movements, working specifically on core muscle strength, explosive movements, turning and rotational movements. All highly relevant to the modern MMA fighter looking to work on the relevant movements to their sport.

What size Bulgarian Bag should I get?

5kg & 8kg Bulgarian Bags

The lighter sizes of bulgarian bags are good for beginners or a great tool for rehab (those in recovery from injury).

12kg Bulgarian Bags

12kg Bulgarian Bags are a great place to start for experienced athletes or those who are after more of a challenge. This is a great all round sized bulgarian bag.that should cater to most levels of fitness and improve their grip strength, rotational core muscles and overall functional strength.

17kg & 22kg Bulgarian Bags

Recommended for strong individuals or those who have already have experience using a bulgarian bag.

Where to buy Bulgarian Bags in Australia?

You can now buy bulgarian bags from MA1. We ship Australia wide and you can pick up straight from our warehouse in Dandenong South. We offer 2 types of bulgarian bags; our premium brown leather Bulgarian Bags or the PVC Wrestlers Bags. Both Designs available in 5 sizes: 5kg, 8kg, 12kg, 17kg, 22kg. Buy a bulgarian bag set or wrestler package and get a great discount!

MA1 Leather Bulgarian Bag

MA1 Bulgarian Bags

Our premium leather bulgarian bags have been recently updated design. It features dark brown leather, high quality colour coded straps, professionally stitched and finished product.  

MA1 Wrestler Bags

For a cheaper alternative to Bulgarian bags, check out our range of Wrestler bags. Constructed from PVC (Synthetic vinyl) instead of leather as a perfect budget option, these wrestlers bag are still smooth to touch and replicates the same shape and colour coded staps as the leather option MA1 Wrestlers Bag
Give us a buzz on 03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at admin@ma1.com.au if you had any questions on finding the right bulgarian bag for you and your clients. Remember that if you are in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!

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