What Type of Rubber Flooring is Suitable for me?

What Type of Rubber Flooring is Suitable for me?

Published by Jennifer Tse on 25th Aug 2017

What type of rubber flooring is suitable for me?

What type of Rubber Flooring is suitable for me?

Rubber gym flooring is the basic foundation of most good strength and conditioning gym spaces. Whether it be for soundproofing for dropping weights or slamming dead balls, protecting the gym floor or bars and weights during Olympic or power weightlifting, shock absorbing for under rigs or racks  or simply having an underlay for your larger plate loaded or pin loaded commercial gym equipment, our large range of gym mats has a solution for you.

Commercial grade and professionally finished, our rubber flooring tiles features a smooth surface, beveled edges and is in plain black or a range of different flecks. For those looking to match your flooring with your brand or logo, we even offer custom speck colours for larger orders.

Choosing your Rubber Flooring:

Finding the correct rubber flooring to suit your needs can be difficult when faced with such a large range. Currently our range includes:

In order to figure out which rubber gym flooring is suitable for your needs, you first need to decide what you will be using the gym mats for and what kind of result you are looking for.

Standard use for protecting floors or reducing sounds:

If you are wanting to protect your floors or reduce sound in a weights area of a gym, 15mm rubber flooring is the one you need.

One of our most popular rubber gym mats product, the 15mm is great for high levels of foot traffic. These rubber tiles covers a 1m x 1m area and has thickness of 15mm. Boasting dual layers, the bottom layer consists of coarse, compact rubber whereas the top surface layer is constructed from fine grain rubber for a smooth, professional finish.

MA1 15mm Rubber Gym Flooring

Reduced scent for less ventilated areas:

Standard gym mats vs Premium gym mats

Just like other rubbers such as tirves, elastic bands, rubber sealant and so on, there is a slight rubbery smell to most rubber constructed items. All of our rubber flooring are non toxic but they do have a slight scent which may be more noticeable if installed in a room with lack of ventilation. Which is why our premium 15mm rubber flooring comes into play.

Not only is there significantly reduced smell, the premium grade flooring also features a different construction. Instead of the dual layer of fine surface layer and coarse rubber underlay, the premium rubber mats boast a fine grain rubber all the way through.

Heavy use for protecting barbells and weights during drops, heavy shock absorption and/or sound proofing:

If 15mm is not thick enough for your soundproofing and shock absorbent needs, then the 25mm and 50mm rubber tiles are the one to turn to. There are 2 ways around this issue, you can either cover the area with the 25 or 50mm thick rubber tiles or you can create a makeshift platform/s with 2 x 50mm rubber tiles on each side of a 15mm tile and then locked in securely with a surround of 15mm tiles.

25mm and 50mm gym flooring

Light usage for aerobics area, underlay for equipment, professional look.

MA1 Premium Rubber Roll

Our rubber roll flooring is ideal for aerobic areas as it covers a larger amount of area with less slits between. The rubber roll gym flooring is also great as an underlay of a cardio, pin loaded or plate loaded area to give a consistent look for your gym. Set with a fine grain construction as our premium rubber flooring has, the rubber roll is a very cost effective and easy solution to providing a consistent and professional look.

How to install Rubber Flooring?

Installing rubber gym flooring can be easy if you prepare and plan the layout effectively.

Preparing your floor:

For the best results, the surface should be flat and level and cleaned. Make sure that you cover and smooth out any pot holes in the ground.


No glue, adhesive or bolts are required when installing these mats as the weight and lock in layout of the matting will keep it in place.

We recommend using a grid offset (brick) pattern for better grip and to account for any minor variations in the matting. Due to the nature of rubber, the matting can expand and contract in heat and may shift slightly after a lot of heavy use sessions.

After placing each mat, give the edge a kick to line up and to make sure each tile is tightly packed against each other. The more tightly packed each mat is, the less space there would be for the tiles to move.
How to lay rubber flooring


For accuracy, we recommend you to score the tiles first with the blade as a guide then cut the offset piece off. For a smoother edge, we recommend to replace the blade often as these rubber gym mats are designed to be tough and durable. A sharp blade is key for a clean cut edge.

How to maintain and clean your Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring is designed to be durable and for heavy use so therefore is quite low maintenance. Cleaning is easy, simply mop down with some water.

FAQ about Rubber Flooring:

Is it hard to install?

Because these rubber gym mats do not require adhesive, the difficulty of installation depends on your gym floor layout. If the layout is rectangular then the laying out your rubber flooring is relatively simple and the offset pattern is quite forgiving with any minor alignment issues. If there are odd shapes, the main difficulty would be cutting the tiles which can be done with a sharp blade (please review installation section for more info).

Is adhesive required?

Adhesive can be used but is not necessary. Install the rubber flooring as recommended in a tightly packed offset layout and the rubber tiles will stay snug due to their weight and locked in due to the layout design. For reference, each 15mm tile is roughly 13kg (heavier if premium), 9kg for the 50mm tile and just over 4kg for the 25mm.

How to clean?

Just with a mop and some water.

What fleck colours are there and can I get a custom colour ordered?

The 15mm rubber flooring is available in plain black, white, red and blue fleck. If you are after a custom colour to match your gym branding or logo, we can do custom ordered but do keep in mind this does take more time and there is a minimum quantity, please contact us at for more info.
Give us a buzz on 03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at to find out more info on any of our quality rubber flooring to find out what is best for you. Remember that if you are in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!

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