Troy Skidmore

Troy Skidmore | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Limitless MMA | MA1 | Athlete

Troy started his Martial Arts career in 2001 after being forced to retire from professional motor cross due to injury. He was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu via a friend after trying boxing for 6 months. He fell in love with the sport and competed at every belt level along the way, finding great success, especially at Purple and Brown belt. He emphasizes competing because "...this is where I was going to learn more about the holes in my game and know what I had to improve on".

Troy's home was Dominance in Richmond but after his success in competition and his skills as an instructor he opened his own academy, Limitless MMA in Sunbury. Troy still competes, having recently competed in Australia's most prestigious professional grappling event "Boa Super 8." 

Latest accomplishments

3rd place Pan Pac black belt 

3rd place Long beach LA open black belt 

3rd place Sydney open black belt. 

How did I get into the sport 

I originally raced professional Motocross. Ended up with a major injury and was forced to forfeit my sponsorship and end racing. I Started rehab in my local gym to get my body strong again and then was speaking to one of the instructors who mentioned Jiu Jitsu  to me and talked me into trying it out with him. I went to one class n a home garage and was instantly hooked. 

What I love most about the sport. 

That you can always learn from anyone. The places it can take you. The people you meet. 

What advice I would give any body New to the sport? 

Just enjoy being on the mat. Absorb what you can and don't pressure yourself. Just be happy to be doing something cool. 

What are your inspiration and role models? 

Jean Jacques Machado , Marcelo Garcia and Robert Drysdale. These guys have achieved so much in the Jiu Jitsu world. 

What's my favourite food. 

Nothing better than a good cooked steak followed by Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough.


Favourite music 

I'm old school - Guns n Roses

What's my favourite holiday destination? 

For a relaxing holiday I enjoy cruise ships.

One day I would love to go to Egypt, I'm a little obsessed with ancient stone monuments. 

Where do I see my self in 10 years? 

Still running Limitless MMA in Sunbury; coaching Jiu Jitsu and spending time with my family. I don't want much to change to be honest. 

What irritates me the most? 

Healthy and able people who keep making excuses on why they cannot do the things in life they want to and hold themselves back. Don;t be your own enemy just get out there.

What would I be doing if I wasn't fighting? 

If I couldn't be in the fighting industry I very much enjoy teaching. So, maybe teaching something else like history or how to to play instrument/music  - something like that. 




Limitless Mixed Martial Arts MA1 Equipped Fitout:

Troy Skidmore owns and is an instructor at Limitless MMA at Sunbury, click the banner below to check out the MA1 Equipped Facility. 

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