Introduction to Medicine Balls, Wall Balls & Slam Balls

Introduction to Medicine Balls, Wall Balls & Slam Balls

Published by Jarrod Riches on 25th Aug 2017

Difference between Medicine Ball, Slam Ball & Wall Balls

Introduction to Medicine Balls, Wall Balls & Slam Balls

Let's start with a brief description of each.

MA1 Medicine Balls

MA1 Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls; originally dating back well over 100 years, they are primarily used for rehabilitation work, but are also quite useful for strength and conditioning training. The MA1 Medicine Balls range from 1-10 kg and are of a similar size to a basketball (Though range from slightly smaller to slightly larger depending on weight). They can be utilised quite well by people that are concentrating on sports related exercises as they not only vary in weights, but also replicate the use of a ball depending on your particular sport. Medicine balls are a great tool for working core muscles.  

MA1 Wall Balls

Wall Balls; A modern adaptation of a Medicine Ball, though tailor made for a different purpose. Wall balls are specifically designed for more explosive movements, mainly revolving around variations of different throws. The MA1 Wall Balls range from 8lbs up to 30lbs, and allow you to train a wide variety of muscle groups including: Core, Glutes, Hammies, Shoulders and also can be worked into many cardio workouts. Wall Balls are commonly used in various CrossFit™ WODs. They are also soft enough to catch comfortably, and much more oversized than the traditional medicine ball. MA1 Wall Balls

MA1 Slam Ball

MA1 Slam Balls Slam Balls;  Another relatively modern piece of equipment, the Slam Ball is designed (as the name so poetically describes) to be slammed down into the ground as hard as you can. The outer layer of the ball itself is rubber, next there is a bladder inside that which is filled with sand like metal fillings. This allows the user to throw it down as hard as possible without it bouncing back up, Slam balls in larger sizes are also useful for people who train for strongman comps.  The MA1 Slam Balls range from 4kg up to a whopping 100kg.

What's the Difference Between Med Balls, Wall Balls & Slam Balls?

Distinguishing features:

Med Ball: Firm, grippy texture, all relatively similarly sized, will bounce if dropped.

Wall Ball: Soft padded ball, fairly large, colour coded for sizing

Slam Ball: Firm but malleable, grippy rubber outside, will not bounce when dropped.

So which ones do I need?

It's simple, once you identify exactly what kinds of exercises you would like to do (Or have your clients do) you can decide from there.  

General core training and rehabilitation work:

Med Balls are the go. Great for an overall product that caters to many needs

Explosive throws/ complete body training:

Wall Balls are ideal. Used commonly in WODs, high intensity training.

Powerful throws, upper body and core training/Strongman Training:

The slam balls are what you need. Perfect for building power, commonly used by people training in combat sports, or larger sizes in strongman training.

Give us a buzz on 03 9706 5292 or shoot us an email at for any questions on our range of medicine, slam or wall balls. Remember that if you are in the fitness industry, we can set you up with an wholesale account - click the banner below for more info. If you are only purchasing for yourself but are looking to put in a large order - do get in contact with us to see if you are applicable for a package quote!

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